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7:08am 06-15-2010
Cool Lou dreams do come true, who'd have thought that lil old East London girl..... Live your dream!!! Cindy
3:07pm 05-10-2010
Margi Singher
Just making sure that I've got you in my favorites. I'd love to try some writing as I "graduate" from the County. If I succeed, I'll let you know! Continued success to you,
1:37pm 05-01-2010
I've checked out your site before, but never signed this. Thanks for the fun writing prompts & lovely illustrations ~jen
11:11am 04-29-2010
A.T. Russell
Congrats and keep doing well.

10:12pm 04-18-2010
Hi Lou. I'm Tom's cousin love the illustrations and the stories. Going to do more looking around.
1:42pm 03-13-2010
Wandering through your illustrations and stories is like being in a fantasy world. I look forward to hanging out here now and then, cheers!
10:40pm 03-05-2010
I'm enjoying your blog a lot today. Nice to reconnect to your site. Have a good night.
9:40am 02-26-2010
Allen Bunyan
Good day Lou,just a note for now.I'm using the Moody Blues as a focal point,after 45 years and, innumerable concerts I'm just beginning to see how their music has conditioned me.What is amazing are the huge numbers of gentle spirited folk that all feel the same way.In an age where real music has become a rarity their work will survive an Eternity,when you walk that road you will find yourself alongside the river of endless love.Have a wonderfull day it's lovely to see my friend.
4:09am 02-16-2010
hello, Lou, I am so happy to have met you. I love your web page and especially your photo with #our hero Justin Hayward. He has certainly inspired some of my writing as well. You and me seem to be like kindred spirits as we have so much in common. You are such a talented writer. Never give up come what may, with best wishes your new friend, Giovanna
7:17pm 09-13-2009
Claude Bouchard
Hi Heloise!!

I have visited! Thanks so much for the link! You're going onto my Awesome Site page!!

Claude xx
9:20pm 07-13-2009
Val Nelson
Nice Web Page.
12:37pm 06-25-2009
Tom R.
NICE work so far! But you need a link to your guest book on your main page. It's under contacts but you could also have a link to it on main page.